Past Conferences


 11-13th November 2020

Keynote presentations

The programme included keynote presentations from leading thinkers in economics and social sciences, namely:

  • Dr Barbara Haesler, Senior Lecturer in Agrihealth, Veterinary Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health, The Royal Veterinary College, London, UK (joint session ICAHS-ISESSAH) 
  • Dr Amy Hagerman, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, USA
  • Dr Luiza Toma, Senior Economist, Policy, Innovation and Behavioural Change, Scotland’s Rural College, Edinburgh, UK

Local organisation committee

From University of Copenhagen (UCPH):

  • Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen (IVH-UCPH, leader of the local organisation committee)
  • Hans Houe  (IVH-UCPH)
  • Tariq Halasa (IVH-UCPH)
  • Tove Christensen (IFRO-UCPH)
  • Sigrid Denver (IFRO-UCPH)

Scientific committee

  • Bouda Vosough Ahmadi (lead) FAO
  • Tove Christensen (deputy lead) University of Copenhagen
  • Kamina Jonhson (deputy lead) USDA
  • Sigrid Denver (member) University of Copenhagen
  • Erwin Wauters (member) ILVO
  • Jarkko Niemi (member) Luke
  • Wilma Steenveld (member) Utrecht University
  • Jaap Sok (member) Wageningen University and Research
  • Pablo Alarcon (member) Royal Veterinary College
  • Mette Vaarst (member) Aarhus University

CONFERENCE 2019 – IPB University, Indonesia

17-18 October 2019

Keynote presentations

With approximately 120 participants, mainly from South East Asia, the conference was very successful. Proceedings of the conference will become on-line soon. For more details please see the conference website. The proceedings of the first ISESSAH South East Asia meeting can be found here.

Youtube video

For an impression, please see this youtube video that the local organizing committee created

CONFERENCE 2019 – Atlanta, USA

20th and 23th July 2019

Keynote presentations

The conference welcomed 60 participants, 12 oral presentations, 20 flash talk presentations, many posters and 3 keynote speakers :

  • Carl Johan Lagerkvist, Department Head and Professor of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences : economic values and farmer behavioral change: Inertia, path dependence and choices for farm animal health
  • Mark Caudell, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United nations, Kenya : in the absence of developed infrastructure, transmission factors best predict carriage of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in people and their animals
  • Megin Nichols, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA : Spillover; Uncovering animal disease outbreaks through human enteric disease surveillance
  • Glynn Tonsor, Professor Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University : a deeper look at biosecurity economics

We would again like to thank all the participants and our sponsors for ISESSAH 2019.

CONFERENCE 2018 – Montpellier, France

14 and 15 May 2018

Keynote presentations

The ISESSAH 2018 provided a forum to meet colleagues and leading thinkers in the field to enhance the use of economics in animal health education, research and policy making internationally.
ISESSAH 2018 was co-organised by the French Institute for Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), Toulouse National Veterinary School (ENVT) and National Institute for Agriculture Research (INRA) on behalf of the ISESSAH. The combination of ISESSAH 2018 and INNOVSUR forum provided a specific opportunity for greater North-South interactions and emphasize on environmental and agricultural health economic issues.

Scientific committee

The conference welcomed 140 participants, 15 oral presentations, 25 flash talk presentations, many posters and 4 keynote speakers :

  • Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Professor in Environmental Governance, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU, Norway);
  • Michael Dicks, Professor in Animal Health Economics, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA, USA) ;
  • Nicolas Fortané, Lecturer in Sociology applied to Animal Health (INRA, France) ;
  • Rob Christley, Professor in Epidemiology and Population Health (University of Liverpool, UK)

ERIAH Workshop ‘From economic assessment to policy making’

On Tuesday May 15 in the afternoon directly after the ISESSAH 2018 conference, the Economic Reasoning for Improved Animal Health (ERIAH) is organizing a workshop. ERIAH is a research network funded by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) since 2016. It aims at promoting economics applied to animal health within health specialists (e.g. biologists, epidemiologists…) and economists, by facilitating common language and improving mutual understanding. The final goal is to foster a transdisciplinary research approach. It involves scientists, professionals, industrials, syndical organisations and policy makers.

This ERIAH workshop will focus on how to translate economic assessments outputs into practical decision-making. The workshop will be organised as one main keynote and small working groups.

For more details please see the conference website.

Proceedings are available here.

The Frontiers special edition is on progress.

We would like to thank all the participants and our sponsors for ISESSAH 2018.

Conference 2017 (inaugural meeting) – Aviemore, Scotland

27th and 28th of March 2017

Keynote presentations

ISESSAH has hold its inaugural meeting  in collaboration with the annual meeting of the Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM).

The aim of the meeting was to provide a forum to meet colleagues and leading thinkers in the field of economics in animal health education, research and policy making internationally.

The ISESSAH first meeting gathered over 200 participants with delegates from countries all over the word. All got the change to present the work in either a oral presentation, flash talk, or poster presentations. The broad theme of the presentation were:

  • Where do we come from – what has been critical progress in the use of economics and social sciences of animal health in past years?
  • Where do we stand now – how are economics and social sciences currently being used for animal health decision-making?
  • Where should we go – what will be the future challenges for economics and social sciences to improve animal health?

Scientific committee

These themes were introduced by leading thinkers in economics and social sciences, namely:

  • Dr Karin Schwabenbauer, Chief Veterinary Officer, Germany
  • Prof. Tim Carpenter, Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Dr Gareth Enticott, Senior Lecturer in Social Research, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Proceedings are available here.

The Frontiers special edition for the meeting gathers 11 peer-review papers.